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14)Coat fulcrum plates with lithium grease when installing them into differential side gears. The swing axle rear suspension is easily identifiable by only having an axle boot at the transmission and not at the wheel. 1975 Type 3: 1972 and later Thing: 1. Vw Swing Axle Type 1 Transmission--> $229. 9-5 Pacific Time Monday - Friday 9-2 Pacific Time Saturday When looking for the best in VW, dune buggy, sand rail and UTV parts and accessories, we have you covered At Moore Parts Source, we are honored to be your source for all your automotive needs for your favorite street, strip or off-roading vehicle. 10 tooth Spider Gear to fit 15 Tooth side gears. 3 writes: Someone told me that they took a 3. 13)Inspect axle and drum splines. 78 1st, 206 2nd, 1. Price is on an exchange basis only. Transmission nose cone conversion kit 61- box into chassis Beetle -09/52, Bus -07/59, 356 50-51 for your vintage aircooled VW. Also check the oil level in the gearbox - it should drip out of the filler hole in the left side of the box. 82, this transaxle features 12 volt starter bushing and 200mm flywheel bellhousing sizing, includes 4 spider superdiff, 2 h. 00 Category. . VW - 4 x 130 Kits; VW - 5 x 205 Kits ERCO Billet Side Covers for Swing Axle transmissions . E32-1258-B - Early / Swing Axle 200 mm Clutch Kit - Throw Out Bearing, Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate - VW Dune Buggy Bug Ghia Thing Bus Trike Baja Check Price on Amazon Description: Early style clutch kit for swing axle transmissions. Very high quality gearbox. 00. 73 gears,and the swing axle 68 had 4. SKU: 113-105-277 The side plate is the big round disc type casting that fits into the side of the gearbox. You may find it helpful to think of them in the following way: TCS-MSS-###. Transmission Gasket: Axle Tube Retainer Gasket,3 mm For Cars with Swing Axle Transmissions. Your Dunebuggy or VW Beetle will be up and running fast when you get your parts from AppletreeAutomotive. 5mm piston to slip in 87mm,not much hp gain over the stock 53hp. CLEAN AND INSPECT ALL PARTS On Swing Axle Models: 1)Check axles on differential side for excess wear and gaulding to fulcrum plates. Parts as listed Vw beetle 68-79 side window visors with logo $40 Vw beetle check your axle end gears, which we will refer to as "side gears". Add to Cart · 10 Tooth Spider Gear T-1 Set4  17 Nov 2018 This is a quick guide on how to remove the axles and axle tubes from a VW Beetle swing axle transmission. The OEM Kit comes with a pair of brand new complete OEM axle tubes with long end castings installed and a pair of quality short axle end castings for those of you running the short axles. Red, white, blue buggy has VW motor and swing axle; 2 paddle tires on rims, disk breaks. Now for your other question, you CAN remove and install the tranny if you need a new one. Featuring a 3. Bus IRS - '68 - '83. 95 labor if the car has independent rear suspension (IRS), and $206. Now available from Weddle Industries: brand new VW axle tube assemblies complete with end casting, tube, boot, flange, and clamps. Adding gaskets increases clearance and loosens axle tube. Contact. 10 gears as I hear. After pulling the axle  AXLE SEAL KIT all swing axle to 68, bus to 67 REAR AXLE NUT With shoulder REDUCTION GEARS set for one side, please specify number of teeth and  Aircooled VW Gearbox Brackets. 99 online price . See photo #19. Differentials are generally durable components, but the bearings on which the pinion and differential case rotate can wear causing noise and clearance problems. Oil strainer cover nuts. The code is located on the side of the box (circled in the photo above). Generator Pulley. 75 mm wide gear teeth should not be used in any kind of performance application. 181s without reduction boxes feature a transmission similar to the Beetle but with a slower gearing by use of different ring and pinion gears and have stronger, more 57 Porsche 356 Vintage Speedster Replica, built on a 66 vw floorpan , balljoint front end with drop spindles, swing axle transmission 412/ r/p stock gears, Front and rear disc brakes, 185/65/15 Bridgestone tires front and rears, vw type 1 engine 1914cc with dual Weber 44s , new convertible top with side windows, also a set Cruzin door windows custom made from California, Porsche nipple hubcaps 021-141-7541 (03) 383-3276 390 Prestons Rd Marshlands, Christchurch New Zealand. Fits all Classic VW Beetles 1965-1977 Black W/Pockets, Note, We also stock the door panel clips and shock, gas-a-just kyb, bus 68-79 rear 3 in longer travel off-road buggy front/rear Heavy duty aluminium gearbox side plate covers, to ensure your ring and pinion gears are kept in place. Mounts in five spots plus the door posts. These seal and adjust clearance of the axle tube. ) You'll need access to a bolt on the side of the gearbox, and it's a lot easier with the wheel off. $2. TYPE 3 DOOR PANELS; WATERCOOLED. $67. Wheel Bearings & Seals; VW Steering Wheels; VW Suspension - Front; VW Suspension - Rear; VW TMI Interior. 88 R&P; 72 is a transitional year, use with 38 tooth 1st gear; two side covers: Late IRS Trans ('73 - Later) includes late 72, use with a 34 tooth 1st gear; one side cover; 002 Bus type gears VW Aircooled Gearbox Code Reference Table. L. 95 . VW Rear Wheel Bearing, Swing Axle, Beetle, Ghia, Type 3 1954-68, Bus 55-67 VW Rear Axle Seal Kit, 1 Needed per Side. Fortunately, the design of the VW swing axle is such that the pinion gear is right in the center of the case. In a hard running car, differential gears will eventually wear out. Take the left hand side rear wheel off (that's the left hand side as you're sitting in the drivers seat, looking out the windscreen. RABBIT November 11, 2019 Uncategorized Chirco Performance Stocks Both early and late replacement door panel sets as well as replacement VW arm rest and brackets, These here are are our direct VW Beetle replacement panels, Sold in sets front and rear. Swing Axle transmissions ran from 1946-1968 on a stock Air-cooled VW Beetle or Bug. Any manufacturers 1st and 2nd mainshaft may be used as long as stock ratio is used. We offer the swing axle boots in different colors and have original VW swing axle boots. 3 5/16 inch from bearing sholder to spline end Long Axle / Short Spline 1967 only. 12 ring and pinion, 3. the axle has quite a bit of end play once you get that bearing out. 3. Apr 06, 2009 · That helps to have a smooth transition between gears. Internally designated the Type 14, the Karmann Ghia combined the chassis and mechanicals of the Type 1 (Beetle) with styling by Italy's Carrozzeria Ghia and hand-built bodywork by German coachbuilding house Karmann. the teeth must not have excessive wear or pitting or galling. com. This reverses the drive of the transmission. Complete 3. A 4-spider differential, or “super diff”, will add tremendous strength to your VW Whether you need a swingaxle side gear, an Albins sun gear, or even new 091 side gears, Every transaxle has some sort of output flange, or final drive flange. 4. Owner: luther Snyder (mike) Front Tires/Wheels: western wheels with spinners Rear Tires/Wheels: western wheels with spinners Transaxle: 1977 engine with 68 tranny Location: red lion pa 17356 Contact: lsnyder1954@comcast. on a swing axle tranny with 2 side cover Aircooled Volkswagen Beetle Parts and Accessories for VW Bug, Volkswagen Super Beetle, VW Karmann Ghia, Volkswagen Bus, VW Type 3, Volkswagen Thing, VW Vanagon VW 1200 and VW 1300 1972 until 1977 1302 sedan en convertible 1972 and later 1303 sedan until 1975 1303 convertible until 1974 Karmann Ghia: 1972 and later Bus: 1972 until 7. 69 has IRS. Off-Road. One pair fits all vws with swing axle transmissions and can be used when trans is assembled When using a swing-axle trans in off-road and severe conditions. You’ve just found the site that will save you hundreds of dollars or more on parts for your VW! BusDepot. Porsche, 356, 911, 912 and 914 are trademarked Porsche and are used for descriptive purposes only. Related parts listed for VW Bugs and Kafers incorporate main shaft seals, gearbox mounts, axle boot kits, gaskets, bell housings, starter motor bush and axle hub nuts… Scroll down for full listings or search for specific classic air-cooled Beetle gearboxes and rebuild parts using the search box at the very top of this page. 86 Ring and Pinion Super Diff Aluminum Side Cover Close 3rd & 4th Weddle Gears Welded 3 – 4 hubs Hardened Keys. Weighs under seven (7) lbs. 3)Inspect tapered roller bearings and their race in side plate for wear. com We took the original show bar made for VW of America and corrected the design with a bend just behind the driver's seat. TRANSAXLE Transaxle: Type 1 swing Builder: Shan Rancho Trans axles R&P: 4. Genuine VW Replacements. com is home to the world’s largest online catalog of replacement parts for Volkswagens. 88 R&P Swing-Axle: $1095 + Core Out of Stock 4. Rod Penrose Racing Pty Ltd Unit 2/20 Doyle Avenue Unanderra NSW Check the drop-down on the side of the page to find your particular make and model and get shopping! 1975 VW Golf GTI When it was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1975, the Volkswagen Golf GTI didn’t make it to the UK market until 1977. d. 12v Swing Axle Trans includes late 72, use with a 34 tooth 1st gear; one side cover; 002 Bus type gears   IRS HEAVY DUTY SIDE COVER - VW BEETLE 1969-1979. Instantly the unstable breakaway wheel inlet/exhaust solenoid valves are Subjects include VW and import drag racing and car shows, sand duning, and an aircooled Volkswagen engine building video. Paruzzi number : 01473. 42(c)) If the brakes are applied and the feed-back from one of the rear axle speed sensors registers excessive wheel lock/spin, then the electronic control module (ECM) will actuate the axle modulator (AM). Pro Comp Transaxle - SWING AXLE - Includes close ratio 3rd & 4th gears (specify Ring & Pinion) Your Price: $1,695. Differential >8/70; also some 1300 8/70> Sourced direct from VW, these are 1200-1300cc units as fitted to late swing-axle Beetles, with a final drive ratio of 4. Reference numbers allow us to "be on the same page" with you and make sure you get what you want. m. Limited Slip Differential. Swing Axles are sold without axles. $49. Type 1 Beetle Swing Axle Super Differential. Torque Wrench settings. 49 Vw 009 Ignition Distributor Bosch German Bus Bug Ghia Thing Dune Buggy Baja Vw 009 Ignition Brand New Front Transmission Mount, 8mm Stud for T2 60-62 Part #: 211 301 265 1966 VW Beetle / bug - $3000. Appletree Automotive offers a complete line of VW TRANSMISSION TRANSMISSION GASKETS and SEALS. VW Beetle 49-67 VW Karmann Ghia 56-67 VW Bus 50-67 VW Type 3 62-67 Two or more may be required for each side. Transmission Components HIGH-IMPACT 356-T6 ALUMINUM HEAVY-DUTY SIDE COVERS. 1961 Beetle 33,000 Original Miles "Just When you think you are getting ahead, you're always wrong. Now you have 4 forward gears again. Whether you need a swingaxle side gear, an Albins sun gear, or even new 091 side gears, we have what you need. Spool is designed to provide even traction to both rear wheels Manx Dune Buggy Side View Mirrors; Manx Dune Buggy Steering Wheels Axle End Gear Kit With Spider Gears. 4479 Pro Drag Transaxle - SWING AXLE - Includes close ratio 1st - 4th gears (your choice of ratio) Your Price: $4,095. Rebuilt 12 volt 1967-1968 VW Volkswagen swing axle transmission includes a rebushed nosecone. Engine to Transmission nut. BEETLE DOOR PANELS; BUS TRANSPORTER INTERIOR; GHIA INTERIOR; THING TYPE 181 INTERIOR; TYPE 3 SQUAREBACK NOTCHBACK AND FASTBACK INTERIOR. If it's a transaxle like the VW is then you need at least one side plate to get the diff in and out. 3 type so must use early (pre-`73 or VW Mex/Brazil) 17-tooth side gears only! Items 1 - 38 of 38 ERCO Billet Axle Retainer - Swing Axle HD Billet aluminium used to ERCO Spider gears for Super Diff - 11 tooth (Swing Axle only). Try to use 1st gears with 13. 82 4th Gear). Rancho Performance has been the enthusiast's choice for quality Volkswagen transaxles for over thirty Check the drop-down on the side of the page to find your particular make and model and get shopping! 1975 VW Golf GTI When it was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1975, the Volkswagen Golf GTI didn’t make it to the UK market until 1977. 12 R&P Late IRS Trans ('71 - 72) 3. no. IRS Axles & Vw Swing Axles (41) Cam Gears (3) Chrome Engine Accessories (44) Fits Right/Pass enger Side Vw Super Beetle 1973-79. NO 3. All the decisions and aspects of when you are either rebuilding a transaxle, or exchanging it. IRS - '69-'72, '73 Later. It is a low profile trike with a 42 degree rake on the front end. Each part number consists of nine digits divided into three groups of three. The swing axle version also features super strength double snap rings. This Volkswagen High Performance Swingaxle Transmission is a remanufactured unit designed for street performance. Dog ate wiring on trailer and red, white, blue buggy. The tubing is the same thickness as VW sold. 6v Swing Axle Trans : 12v Swing Axle Trans : Early IRS Trans ('69 - 70) 4. Of more general interest, is an explanation of how it works its magic as your change gears. e. Code aircooled vw transaxle gears: irs heavy duty side cover - vw beetle 1969-1979 $57. 95. check for cracks at the thinnest part of the side gear (where the edge of the axle rides). check the inside of the side gears for wear where they contact the fulcrum plates. S. Comes to you ready to bolt together. Comes with 2 Year Warranty. Order your parts at , your aircooled VW specialist. Although it may not be the same year/model as your VW, it will be close enough to give you a good idea of what its going to take. Super Differenti al, Without Gears, For Type 1 IRS Trans, Dunebuggy & VW For VW Swing Axle & IRS Volkswagen Beetle Gasket set for a fully synchronized gearbox B-quality. 89 4th. polished gears, Erco billet side plates, new factory VW sliders, and gear carrier. Model & Chassis Number. 1967 VW Bug Transmission Parts. -->. 1970–1979 models [ edit ] In 1970, a new "L" (Luxus) Package was introduced including, among other items, twin map pockets, dual rear ashtrays, full carpeting, a passenger-side visor vanity Ghia Bug Hd 2pc Axle Empi 16-9903 Side Buggy Swing Parts Cover Transaxle Dune Vw Side Hd Parts Ghia Dune Vw 16-9903 Bug Empi 2pc Swing Cover Buggy Axle Transaxle $40. The VW transaxle is/was an incredible invention. Special nut for Fan (M12) Crankshaft Pulley bolt. Feb 17, 2020 · Only VW helical cut gears may be used. SKU: 23-4014-0 PRO COMP (VW Type 1 Swing or IRS) Including: Super Diff Aluminum Side Cover Welded 3rd & 4th Gear Hubs Hardened Keys Steel Forks Close ratio 3rd & 4th Gear Sets Side Shims Swing Axle And Irs Side Shims Diffs and Side Plates Super Diffs, Side Plates And Spools Bearings, Selectors and Gears Hockey Sticks, Side Gears And Fulcrum Plates 5 Speeds - FYI Many other companies have attempted to make a VW 5 speed with little success. 37 ring and pinion ratios only. Billet 7075 – T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum Spool. 875 (more commonly referred to as 3. S Add to cart Type 181's rear axle, featuring the VW portal axle design. They also gave me a price of $450 for the rebuilt transmission. Sort By Position Name Price Color Oversized Shipping Required Part Number Main Journal Bore Main Journal Thrust Crankshaft Diameter Wire VW Swing axle 4sp gearbox, Beetle, Type 3, Splitscreen includes axles and axle tubes. 06x1. VW Rear Axle. VW did a wonderful job engineering these gearboxes 40+ years ago with many Benco's pro street freeway flyer transaxles are rebuilt with performance and larger engines in mind, they also allow for increased cruising and top speed, 70 mph at 3200 rpm with stock tires, 4. Side Covers; Stub Axles 11 tooth (Swing Axle only) ERCO Spider gears for Super Diff 021-141-7541 (03) 383-3276 390 Prestons Rd Marshlands, Christchurch New Zealand. Fitted on Swing Axle gearboxes '72 to '78 Approx Fitted on IRS gearboxes from '72 onwards Approx. 26 3rd, . A GT Beetle version with 3. That is how gears are changed. wayne@buzznz. Stock VW side covers lack the tensile strength and sheer mass required in the final drive section to keep the bearing from deflecting, and this in turn allows the ring gear to oscillate away from full engagement with the pinion gear. 240. See photo #20. BUG & SUPER BEETLE INTERIOR. Stock VW Transmissions Type I (Sedan (Beetle or Bug) or Karmann Ghia) & III 6v Swing Axle Trans 12v Swing Axle Trans Early IRS Trans ('69 - 70) 4. The axle moving in and out 3/4 of an inch is normal. R. It will also fits many dune buggies and Sandrails. The VW part numbering system is extremely logical and was designed to help make it easy to assign new part numbers as well as remember old ones. Military 181s attain a higher ride height and lower effective gearing by using reduction boxes, a form of portal axles. This reinforced differential housing is designed to accommodate four spider gears (not included), which are mounted by the supplied shafts via the center  SCAT PERFORMANCE SWING & IRS DIFFERENTIAL ASSEMBLIES. ) transmission. Please call us for Transmission pricing. 2,257 likes · 129 talking about this · 37 were here. The Bay window bus uses a pair of fully independent axles which now utilize a double-jointed design with constant velocity joints at the end of each axle, similar to those found on a BMW. The moral of the story is to check the axle fitment after the bearings are pressed on but before the diff is installed in the transmission! More than 800 people have now used my replacement washers in Audi, BMW, Dodge, GM, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, VW, Subaru, Toyota and other cars! Additional Turbododge OBX Info Home C26-301-150-11 - SWING-AXLE DIFF END GEAR (SIDE GEAR) - FOR 11 TOOTH SPIDER GEAR - SOLD EACH. KCR VW Transmissions, Riverside, California. $1,695. An IRS rear suspension setup is required rather than a swing axle setup, because the Porsche box is only available in an IRS configuration, and can not be converted to swing axle. Ideal for IRS Type 1 and Type 3 Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Notchback, Fastback and Squareback vehicles with modest performance-enhanced engines. The bare tube (part # BAA-501-105) is available and sold separately. 99 Pro Street ( NO axles, swing or IRS) $1649. 1963-1970 Heater Hose Kit with Fat Engine Tin Base Seals. The frame comes with motor and transmission mounts, foot peg mounts, clutch and brake master cylinder mounts, gussets,and shifter mount bracket, all welded in Four spider gears = VW Super Diff (stronger); Installed in the Bus, powder coated bottom carrier plate, new HD gearbox mounts, and in this picture the restored petrol gas tank, high torque starter for reliability, painted axle tubes and new gearbox boots, wiring tweaked for power distribution, all waiting for the engine; 274 results found in TRANSMISSION PARTS. Then just tighten the nuts on the machined and slotted swing-arms and you're done. Click on any picture Our HDTR swing-arm that carries our differential has a unique adjustment system utilizing a central cam adjuster, similar to an axle adjuster, that when the hex-bar is turned the cams evenly push back the differential to tighten the trike belt. 7) IRS differential must be split apart at ring gear flange to remove spyder gears and axle gears. In this article - All forward VW gears have their own syncronizer. 1956-1979 200mm Kennedy Stage 1 Clutch Pressure Plate, 1700lb. The ring and pinion are specific to the Thing. net specializes in VW Volkswagen replacement and high performance accessories. Transmission Differential 11 Tooth Spider Gear For Type 1 Beetle Swing Axle And Irs Transmissions from Pacific Customs Unlimited your best source for Street, Off Road, Sandrail, Dune Buggy, Manx, Rock Crawler, Volksrod, or Mud Buggy VW Parts. 99 (With 100% NEW 4340 Chromoly RACE IRS drive axle Same as Pro Street With Close 3rd and 4th Gears. 1966 VW Beetle runs and drives, has new carpet, seat upholstery, door panels, fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor, I have new break lines, all new break parts, window seals back window has new seal already installed, new running boards and more. Before 1968, old-school Volkswagens used swing axles the were single jointed at the transaxle. It is moves back and forth with the use of pressure. Transmissions are sold on exchange basis. Flywheel to crankcase bolt. Fitted with 4-spider Super-Diff, heavy duty aluminium side plate, welded 3rd & 4th gear  3 Bolt Swing Axle Rancho Gearbox (3. 37 R&P Swing-Axle: $850 + Core In Stock! *12 month/12,000 mile Warranties available for Swing Axle transaxles. Pro Comp Transaxle - IRS - Includes Super Differential (specify Ring & Pinion) Your Price: $1,695. Swing axles transmissions can easily be identified by the enclosed swing-axle tube with a single axle boot on the transmission end of the axle tube. A. Reverse does not have But it involves cutting holes in the side of the tunnel to find the weld -- not nice!). Berg gears are 8620 or 9310 steel, shave cut and crowned, heat treated, with all bearing surfaces ground for proper concentricity. 12 R&P: Late IRS Trans ('71 - 72) 3. 88 ring and pinion from a 1974 IRS transmission and installed it into a swing axle without 1959 VW Fiber Fab Dune Buggy Price: SOLD Type 1 2017 CC dual 48 mm carbs, Super street IRS trans axle converted to swing axle built by Art Threan. Dec 27, 2009 · Side plates and differential carrier (super diff) are different and will need to be replaced. 375. the only way you could use it if you took the side plates off both cars and took the differentials out and swapped diffs and side plates, but its Air-Cooled VW Tech; vw bug mid engine of the tranny case or you will end up having 4 rev's gears and 1 forward gear. 3 15/16 from bearing sholder to spline end Long Axle / Long Spline 1968 only. The local VW shop wants $180. and if you have the IRS trans you might have 3. These are over 2x as strong as stock differentials, providing the strength you need to withstand your high HP Abuse! This eliminates th stock housing flex problem, and also provides an extra pair of spider gears! Allows infinite ring gear lash adjustment. Rod Penrose Racing Pty Ltd Unit 2/20 Doyle Avenue Unanderra NSW RPR supplies a wide range of high quality diff parts for your VW transmission. Add to Wishlist. I have a transmission question Wednesday, 05-Jul-2000 14:22:43 Message: 204. 1968 vw beetle pan Engine: 1641 cc dual empi 34 carbs Status: finished but chroming roll bar and carpet. 88 Single Side IRS: $950+ Core Out of Stock 3. With IRS Rear simply add a Rear Sway Bar. You'll find your best value of price, quality parts and service here at eVWParts. Converter to Drive plate bolt. For use with all VW Sedan Transaxles; Doubles the strength of your stock spider gear  10 Tooth Spider Gear For Swing Axle Vw Type 1 Transmissions, Pair. 12 diff ratio. Add to Cart. Always check your side gears first to insure correct fit. We carry items for Swing Axle and IRS boxes. Installing Close Ratio Gears Custom  Subtopics related to the VW transaxle are addressed in the following -. Pro Comp (VW Type 1 Swing or IRS) The Pro Comp transmission is built for any street, strip and off-road car that has a close 3rd and 4th. 12 Ring & Pinion – . Trans internals are the same. 1972 until 2. Vanagon - '83 - '91 Features: - Heavy duty aluminum billet side cover - Super diff W/ 4 spyder gears Dedicated to superior service for VW transaxles, Porsche transaxles and high-performance aftermarket transaxles including Mendeola, Albins, Weddle and PBS. Product Code: 20050003 OE Code: Any Questions, Please Contact Us Here The case contains pinion gears, and side gears splined to axle shafts that together allow the wheels to turn at different speeds when turning a corner. This Swing Axle model receives stock Spade Type Swing Axles. 99 Pro Street (With 100% NEW complete stock IRS drive axle assemblies) $1749. 88 ring & pinion* Welded 3-4 gear-hubs, hardened keys* Weddle 1-4 gears, geared to your needs* Chromoly pinion retainer* Comes complete axle to axle with Sway-A-Way HD axles & VW axle tubesPlease call to discuss For use with all VW Sedan Transaxles Requires purchase of two additional 11 tooth spider gears sold separately Does not include axle side gears, if needed, order # 113517157 Doubles the strength of your stock spider gear section with the addition of 2 spider gears without changing differential action A must for drag racing or rugged off-road The reason we turn to simple 'reference' numbers to ID a part is because the VW part numbers and descriptions customers provide are often superceded or incorrect. Unfinished projects, needs work! Everything sold AS IS! NO TRADES! Located in Whittier, CA. H/D Aluminum Side Cover Welded 3 & 4 Hubs Welded T/O Shaft Steel Shift Forks Hardened Keys $1399. " HD Sand Transmissions are same as Comp with 4. The main difference is side flanges, or "cups" being different. 99 Pro Street with rebuilt stock long or short swing axle assemblies $1629. 12 R&P Swing-Axle: $895 + Core Out of Stock 4. Oct 04, 2011 · And let me explain something, when I say OPEN I mean type 1 parts, aftermarket or stock, but not bus gears or mendeola gears that have been put in a swing axle type 1 case, if that's even possible. I created KCR VW EMPI HD Aluminum Side Cover - Type 1 Swing Axle Transmissions - 16-9903-0. 12 and 4. Features: - Super Diff - Aluminum Side Cover - Welded 3rd and 4th Gear Hubs - Hardened Keys - Steel Forks - Close ratio 3rd and 4th gear sets The VW transaxle is fascinating study for the compactness of its design. Adds 2 more spiders to strength your Diff. MADE IN U. welded gears, hard You have no items in your shopping cart. Rancho Performance remanufactured VW transaxles feature more new and superior quality components than the competition ensuring longer life, trouble free operation, performance and reliability. The True Shift 5 speed trans, formerly sold as the D-5 under the name R & N Engine & Trans or the Mikey from Oregon that is extremely similar, have come and gone and come again. This causes transmission oil leaks and can also lead to axle Rancho re-manufactured T1 (Beetle) swing-axle ''Pro-Drag'' gearbox. From Chassis No 0 981 810. 39. View as: Grid List. For nearly three decades Rancho Performance Transaxles has been providing the Volkswagen Motorsports industry with the strongest, most reliable, highest quality VW transaxles available. 37 gears. This unit is bulletproof, and will provide maximum traction for fastest acceleration and cornering. B) The swing 'axle' looks like a canoe paddle out of the gearbox as it has a paddle on the end. Automotive Service Subaflange type 124 allows VW type 1 (94mm), type 2 and type 4 (100mm) CV joints Subaflange type 930 allows Porsche 930 (108mm) CV joints only The width is adjustable to be the same as either 091 box with vw flanges or type 1 irs box with vw flanges. 26x. CVs and Gaitors Our complete range of Axle Gaitors for Swing Axle vehicles, as well as CV Joints Kits, CV Boots, Bolts and Fittings for IRS vehicles. 18 Part Number: 70011 Add to cart. COMPETITION ALUMINUM. 80x2. Rancho Performance has been the enthusiast's choice for quality Volkswagen transaxles for over thirty The VW part numbering system is extremely logical and was designed to help make it easy to assign new part numbers as well as remember old ones. 71 trans has 4. This is not a very expensive project (which is a GOOD thing!) An excellent choice when you need to get more power to the ground - reliably. This frame is our original VW Mid Engine Trike Frame. I just put my swing axle back together. You must trade a Swing for Swing, IRS for IRS, 12v for 12v Dec 20, 2018 · This is a full details video of me completely disassembling the transmission on my 1969 VW Bug. empi bugpack b508110 - double snap ring super diff - swing axle Beautiful swing axle ready to go. Swing Axle Type 1 Super Diff. It is common for the axle tube retaining plates to bend or bow. We are your one stop shop for the best VW parts on the market. Browse By Vehicle. vwdarrin 49,542 views. View as: Gallery. Category vw Swing axle remove and install 3 - Duration: looking in side a 091 vw gear box - Duration: 7:14. 5 mm wide gear teeth and corresponding wider 1st gear on the mainshaft. Snap Ring Style allows you to use 4 spider gears. so An excellent choice when you need to get more power to the ground - reliably. Oil Pump Kit, High Volume, Flat Cam, 30mm Pump Gears. 88) final drive is also available, rebuilt in the UK from standard genuine gearboxes using all new genuine VW parts. Ill give you a link so you can change it if it looks bad and the rubber inserts are damaged/worn. Air Cleaners; Aluminum Accessories Chassis serial up to 183 2346 524 (Mexico: 183 2493 402): the swing axle transaxle is basically a Beetle unit, but has a higher differential ratio (resulting in lower speed). Rear axles — foot brake applied under ABS/TCS conditions (Fig 12. 12 is a common stock vw ratio and is stronger than the 4. A rebuild starts by updating your gearbox with many new VW components instead of using used parts from other gearboxes to make something work. Made for Heat-Treated Gear Steel. $176. 00  Stock VW swing axle gear boxes Double Flyer, with rebuilt swing axles (has 3. Main Shaft Bearing for 091 Transaxle - 091-311-123EC. 86 and much stronger than the 4. 88 Ring And Pinion And 0. 82 4th Gear. " Cylinder head nuts (M10) Cylinder head nuts (M8) Rocker shaft to Cylinder head nuts. Special mods: Pro street options, Super Diff, Aluminum Side covers, Heavy duty axles, chrome axle tubes, Jay Cee spring plate retainers, polished hardware, polished ribes. 61 to 67 swing has 4. Subtotal: $0. i. Pro Street Freeway Flyer – Type 1 Transmission – (Swing or IRS) Includes: – Super Diff – Heavy Duty Side Plate/Cover – Welded 3rd and 4th Hubs – Steel Shift Forks – Hardened Keys – 4. These are genuine VW replacement parts from VW of Brazil. 1977. Easy to order at Paruzzi classic Volkswagen supplies via Paruzzi number: 1415, Volkswagen number 111398005A The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is a sports car marketed in 2+2 coupe (1955–1974) and 2+2 convertible (1957–1974) body styles by Volkswagen. g. On the side of the gearbox is the filling hole, and it is quite awkward to get at. Clutch to Flywheel bolt. 86 Ring and Pinion for really close gears. my son built a 2332cc air cooled motor with a 110 cam dual 44IDF webers,10:1 compression and cb performance 044 heads and is running around 200 hp in a rail buggy. Original number : 113 311 531 C In other markets, manual transmission models retained a swing axle independent suspension which would continue until the end of German Beetle production. com's VW Parts Catalogs with products from TMI Products, SCAT, Techtonics, Neuspeed, Bosal Exhaust, Corbeau and more. Eric's VW Shifter Resto/Tech Page. probably the best choice for an off-road swing axle setup. | Top quality spares for Classic Beetle Bus Camper Karmann Ghia and Type-3 6)Drive out differential spyder gear shaft and remove the two gears. 88 Ring and Pinion and a extra tall . This Mofoco designed "Freeway Flyer" Type 1 Swingaxle fits all VW Beetles up to 1968. Removing the side diff covers, then the nose cone, then undoing the pinion gear and pushing out the Dec 31, 2014 · vw Transmission how to. Whether you are building a daily driven street car or prerunning the roads of Baja, we carry everything from a stock Volkswagen muffler and seat covers to racing suspension seats and Swayaway coilover shocks. 88 ring & pinion for good fuel economy at highway cruising speeds. Swing Axle End Gears & 11 Tooth Spider Gear Set. 37. Thing IRS transaxles are basically the same as the Beetle. Swing Axle HD Side Cover This aluminium side cover for a Type-1 swings axle will help to strengthen your final drive section: show details: Transaxle Gasket Kit Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Bus, Type-3, Thing: show details Rebuilding quality VW transmissions and transaxles takes the proper knowledge and factory tools to get the job completed. 88 Z-Top: *12 month/12,000 mile Warranties available for Swing Axle transaxles. Drag Transmissions are also available but you will need to call for pricing. Type 1 VW Transmission Conversion to Porsche 5 Speed. 82 4th gear) H/D Aluminum Side Cover 3 Nov 2008 Than using large snap ring pliers I removed the snap ring from the side gear that holds the fulcrum plates and axle in. Oil Pump to crankcase nut. But do NOT add a rear bar unless you have ALREADY added a 3/4-7/8″ bar in the front! An automatic transmission shift valve is like a swing. Camshaft Kit, . You get wholesale prices here and we ship worldwide where others won't. Our Price: $57. net Story I have built many vw trikes nin the last 27 years,and all of them where the rear engine type. 2)Check ring gear carrier for cracks. Double Snap Ring. Flywheel Dowel Pin, Fits Type 1 VW, 8mm, Sold Each. Two sets of axle tubes: Swing Axle Transmission 17 Tooth End Gear Connects Axle To Spider Gears from Pacific Customs Unlimited your best source for Street, Off Road, Sandrail, Dune Buggy, Manx, Rock Crawler, Volksrod, or Mud Buggy VW Parts. Including thousands of VW Bus, Camper, Vanagon, and Eurovan parts that you cannot find anywhere else – plus parts for every VW car as well. This one is a 2000 Mexican Beetle  Rancho re-manufactured T1 (Beetle) swing-axle ''Pro-Street'' gearbox. The first part of VW Beetle history was Lord Rootes (Head of Rootes cars - Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam) for Germany and amid the rubble and ruin of Post War Germany, a British commission that he headed visited the small town of Wolksburg to report on the remains of the air-cooled VW factory and the future of the "Peoples Car. To identify these notice that axle nuts require a two inch wrench instead of the 1 3/8" of the earlier ones. 99 March Madness! Kustom1Warehouse. You know, it might almost be worth $200 for the labor Beautiful swing axle ready to go. side covers, t. In  DIAGRAM #2 Swing Axle Type 1, 2, & 3 / DIFFERENTIAL SUPER DIFF, SA, super snap type, holds 4 spider gears; can be installed in place of stock differential. also some 1300 from 8/70. Ready to bolt onto any Swing Axle with an 8-bolt pattern. My vast years of experience and an uncompromising commitment, enables me to provide the strongest, largest selection of quality close ratio gear sets and related transaxle parts for the air cooled VW available anywhere. 88 R&P; 72 is a transitional year, use with 38 tooth 1st gear; two side covers Late IRS Trans ('73 - Later) Precision machined to eliminate leaking gaskets and o-rings. Before I can explain how gear shifts are accomplished, let's get familiar with basic components using the same identification numbers in Bentley's cutaway diagram. These new drag racing axles will give you the dependability you crave! Type 1, 23 1/2" The new Axle Tube Kit is just what you need when building and installing a new Swing Axle transaxle in your car. VW recommends 80W90 hypoid gear oil for most climates but in really cold climates you can get smoother gear changes when the car is cold if you use a 75W90 synthetic gear oil. 80 labor if it's a swing axle. Clutch cable conduit bracket for use with gearboxes fitted with heavy duty side plates and standard Type 1 IRS gearboxes. An manufacturers close ratio 3rd and 4th gear ratios permitted. 462 Lift, 274 Duration, Off-Road Competition. 68 was still swing axle rear end. I did it on my '74 Superbeetle. 17031 Newland St Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 848-8868; Email Us; Hours of Operation. Its actually very simple for the IRS style compared to my swing axle. 1967-1974 1600cc Turn Key Engine, Dual Port w/ New Components. Don’t use the VW part number Rear Wheel Bearings for Swing Axle and IRS models, plus rear 36mm and 46mm Hub Nuts, Rear Hub seal kits, and a selection of tools to help on the job. Swing Axle - 6V or 12V. Quaife diff, r. Core prices unfortuantly vary due to availability. Aircooled Volkswagen Beetle Parts and Accessories for VW Bug, Volkswagen Super Beetle, VW Karmann Ghia, Volkswagen Bus, VW Type 3, Volkswagen Thing, VW Vanagon Jan 03, 2013 · • Designed to keep ring gears engaged with pinion gears • Helps eliminate flexing resulting in ring gear breakage 70044 70042 Swing Axle ’61 - 67 IRS ’68 & Later TRANSAXLE LOCK NUT KIT A reinforced differential housing (Super Diff) is made to carry four spyder gears which are hold in place by the supplied shafts. $2095. Three sets of axles for a type one swing axle: Short Axle / Short Spline up to 1966. check the outside surface of the side gears. And it always pays to know exactly what gearbox you're looking at when it comes to buying a used replacement. 88 ring and pinion ratios or close ratio 1st and 2nd gears allowed Volkswagen, VW, Beetle, Bug, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Bus, Type 2, Type 3, Thing and Vanagon are trademarked by Volkswagen of America and are used for descriptive purposes only. The gearing ratio is close to that of a 1966 VW Bus (Type II). After studying the mid-engine rail buggy, I thought a trike would be much more stable and rider friendly if the motor and riders weight was forward of the back PACKAGE DEAL!! 2 VW sandrails (home built) and single trailer. They proved to be light in the front end, do to the weight of the motor behind the back axle. Installing your axles and tubes can be done for an additional $100 labor. c24-311-501-201-d - (311501201d) oe genuine vw - new axle - left or right swingaxle - long version - beetle 1968 only (can be used in other applications) - sold each MSRP: USD $119. Early style buses also used standard beetle transaxles with reduction boxes on the hubs. 90. Benco's pro street transaxles are rebuilt with performance and larger engines in mind, 4. 1966-1970 Chrome Fan Shroud w/ Heater Ducts. c) 1965 through 1967 bus transaxles have taller gears, and larger stronger stub axles. Appletree Automotive offers a complete line of VW TRANSMISSION SWING AXLES. VW Hot Rod Performance Tranny Side Coversare available here at the Chirco store. To be honest as long as there is a change from the current rules, I don't care which way wins I just want a more reliable transaxe that requires Oct 12, 2018 · There are two types of Rear Suspension on VWs; IRS and Swing Axle. IRS uses 4 CV Joints, 1 at each wheel, and another on each side of the trans axle. The two axles act as drive shafts to each rear wheel. And of course, you will need to locate a good used Porsche 901/911 or 902 5 speed gear box. The following article, is basically a "how-to" on fixing up the shifter in your beetle. ON IRS MODELS: 1)Inspect ring gear for wear, chips, cracks, etc. PRO SAND Transaxle Swing Or IRS. com 9mm Special Bolt for Ring Gear, (Swing Axle, Short), Bulk, Each Ring Gear Bolts Quality Replacement 9mm Ring Gear Bolts available for both Swing Axle and I. 1967-1979 12 Volt Lightning Bolt Inside Door Jamb Decal. This way you can retain your current cv and drive shaft installation. Ill give you that link as well For over 32 years, valley vw llc & the vw store has sold the best VW parts, offering vintage parts for the VW Bug, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 & Thing. Knowing what gearbox you've got in your air-cooled VW is always a good thing, especially if you're changing/upgrading the engine. side Transmission Gasket: Axle Tube Retainer Gasket,3 mm For Cars with Swing Axle Transmissions. Built for power! Spec as follows:* Rhino case with gusset* Super Diff* 2 heavy duty side plates* German VW 3. 105 minutes. This gives the front occupants more headroom since the bar is behind your head instead of directly above. BY SCAT – STRONGEST IN INDUSTRY! Designed to keep ring gears engaged with pinion gears; Helps eliminate flexing resulting in ring gear breakage Swingaxle Transaxle Parts - Check out eVWParts. Add To Cart · EMPI BUGPACK B508110 - DOUBLE SNAP RING SUPER DIFF  Your local source for Vintage VW Parts & Accessories. Quaife Limited Slip Differential, Swing Axle Type 1, QDF9R is a direct replacement for the standard Volkswagen open differential. 12 Gear ratios: 3. Body has been added new gel coat and reinforced entirely using chop fiberglass, German rocker shoots underside as well as interior, Fresh Mercedes black paint polished to perfection. $206. Jul 02, 2011 · 1641 has 60 hp if you are lucky,the only up grade is from 85. 89, this transaxle features 12 volt starter bushing and 200mm flywheel bellhousing sizing, it is sold center section only, you will reuse you axle and tube set, (we have an axle install kit available separately) includes 4 spider dual snap ring superdiff, 2 h. You should be using a heavy duty side plate on the IRS just as on the swing. LATE swing axle trans (1966-1968) 113 311 269A 1st & 2nd gear synchro 113 311 295A 3rd & 4th gear synchro Note: Early first gears (61-63) with 11. A full variety of ratios with coarse tooth gears are available for these late style transaxles from VW dealers and buggy shops. Heavy duty side covers and diff allowed. Volume 5: Features the removal and replacement of older Volkswagen swing axle transmission and the newer Independent Rear Suspension (I. Also, the differential is fitted on the opposite side because reduction gears (from the split screen Bus) have been fitted to the axle ends. the high final drive gear ratio makes it necessary to lower the ratio of 2nd gear. Swing Axle Rear Suspension is very common on Sand Rails, Dune Buggys and as required by class rules, Off Road Racing 9 Class Cars. Early IRS uses the same ring gear as late swing axle. _____ 1965 Herbie Replica. All Data for Years, Ring and Pinions, Conversions and Final Drives for Aircooled T1 Transaxles, Swing Axle and IRS. DIAGRAM #1: Swing Axle Type 1, 2, 3 IRS Type 1 (early) Constructed from 4340 chromoly, these swing axles are 3 inch shorter than standard short (26 11/16") length. This is why over-stressed stock VW boxes break ring gears. 1776cc dual Kads. Items 1 to 12 of 82 total. Since the side covers are both removable, it is possible to remove the differential and ring gear as a unit and install on the opposite side of the case. vw swing axle side gears

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